In the Trenches-Potty Training 🚽

My youngest is 2 and a half and we're getting very close to that time in her life where she needs to learn how to use a toilet. I mean I guess she could wear pull ups a little longer but it will probably just make things easier to get into the trenches of training… Continue reading In the Trenches-Potty Training 🚽


Back to School Routine

School is back in full swing. If you read my last post then you know how I feel about the new school year. Needless to say I'm a little bummed summer break is over 🙁 But on the up side schedules and routines are back in full force!! Yippee!!! I absolutely love being on a… Continue reading Back to School Routine

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Summertime Fun Series-Kids Camps

HAPPY SATURDAY!!  Summer is flying by so fast!  I know I say this every year but, man, it feels especially fast this year.  Is anyone else trying to get the last bits of fun and summertime activities out of their system?  We definitely are doing all the things!! This week is all about summer camps… Continue reading Summertime Fun Series-Kids Camps

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Summertime Fun Series-Parks & Playgrounds

We are knee deep in summertime and it feels good!! Did I mention that summer is my favorite season? Well it is! We just got back from a much needed vacation in South Carolina and let me tell you it got me revved up and ready to tackle the rest of my summer with my… Continue reading Summertime Fun Series-Parks & Playgrounds

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Summertime Fun Series-cheap and easy outdoor play

Hello again! Thanks for coming back for the 2nd post of my Summertime Fun Series.  If you haven't read the first post yet you can find it here.  It's a pretty good one if you need some ideas of how to keep your kids accountable and keep your house tidy too (without doing all the… Continue reading Summertime Fun Series-cheap and easy outdoor play

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Summertime Fun Series- Summer Chore Charts

Summer is well underway around here. I'm trying something new, a series of blog posts!!! Summer is my favorite season so I thought this would be the best time to start. Follow along on my Summertime Fun Series to get ideas on how to keep your kids active, entertained and keeping your mama brain (and… Continue reading Summertime Fun Series- Summer Chore Charts