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Called to Create

Have you ever felt called to do something?  It could be a personal calling, like showing your love more outwardly to your children, or a bigger calling, like helping in your community.  When you have that feeling from God something inside of you shifts.  Suddenly your heart grows so much bigger; the love inside of… Continue reading Called to Create


Mama Care

We all know we need it and would be better off with it but how exactly do you find or make time for yourself, especially if there are little ones ruling your life? It can be extremely hard but if you don't make yourself a priority then you can possibly be lead down a dark,… Continue reading Mama Care

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Summertime Fun Series-Splash Pads

Hi friends!  It's been a minute since I've posted.  I've been working on being PRESENT and an EXAMPLE for my children which has led to more time with them and less time on here.  It's been great connecting with them and just enjoying each other's company.  Do you ever have to remind yourself to be… Continue reading Summertime Fun Series-Splash Pads