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Called to Create

Have you ever felt called to do something?  It could be a personal calling, like showing your love more outwardly to your children, or a bigger calling, like helping in your community.  When you have that feeling from God something inside of you shifts.  Suddenly your heart grows so much bigger; the love inside of you is tremendously beautiful and magnificent and you have the need to share it with everyone!  It is truly a glorious feeling to have.

I have been having that exact feeling.  I have felt a calling to create.  Not only to create but to create for a cause.  You may or may not have come across a family on Instagram, recently, whose 7 year old daughter, Eva Love, sustained a traumatic brain injury.  When I came across their story my heart immediately felt anguish and pain for them.  I have children around her age and, as most moms could testify, seeing a child hurting is a hard thing to see without feeling it burn throughout our own bodies because we can easily picture our children in that exact same situation.  It is a very emotional feeling.

Immediately I knew I wanted to help.  I can’t give a lot of my own money, just because of the financial situation my family is in at the moment, but I still had this WANT to help them, no matter how small or big.  I would see Eva’s parents post incredible creators and small businesses creating special items especially for Eva.  Even Eva’s mom is a creator,, and so I purchased one of her Eva Collection art pieces entitled Eva Sky. The calling still lingered in my heart; there was more I was called to do.

I continue to pray for Eva Love and her family on a daily basis and then some.  Then one day it hit me.  I have always been a creator.  I love working with my hands, whether it be re-purposing furniture, creating hair bows, wreaths, baking, creating is part of who I am.  The answer was to create something for Eva.  I rummaged through my zillions of leftover ribbon, from my hair bow making days, and pulled out the colors of the rainbow, because Eva’s favorite things are rainbows, unicorns and pink. Eva has great taste because I too love the color rainbow! 🌈 I created a rainbow ribbon garland for her hospital room.  It’s nothing fancy or hard to make but this was the one way I could show my support, physically, to the Sherbondy family.

Not only is a rainbow one of Eva’s favorite things it also has such a deeper meaning behind it.  After storms there is always a rainbow.  There is always hope that something beautiful will come after a debilitating, traumatizing storm and that is my hope and belief that something beautiful and miraculous will come from Eva’s traumatic accident.  God works miracles and with the thousands upon thousands of people praying and believing in His miracle that He is working in her, my faith has become stronger in what He can and will do.

So with all of this being said, I am going to start making these Eva Rainbow Garlands to raise money for Eva Love’s family.  These garlands are a part of my heart and it is scary to put something so big out in the world but I have faith that someone out there will want one and will want to help a great, great cause.  And if you can’t buy one or don’t want to, that is fine too, just simply keep Eva in your prayers and follow along her journey on IG- @dugansherbondy and  They are always posting updates and unbelievable wisdom and outlook.

For those interested in the Eva Rainbow Garlands I will be selling them for $10 a piece and hope to raise $100, if not more! To purchase a garland please contact me at or you can find more detailed information on IG @jewellpartyof5. I’m praying for complete and ultimate healing for this sweet little girl.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you for your support and prayers.




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