Mama Care

We all know we need it and would be better off with it but how exactly do you find or make time for yourself, especially if there are little ones ruling your life? It can be extremely hard but if you don’t make yourself a priority then you can possibly be lead down a dark, miserable and somewhat resentful hole.

I know because I was there not to long ago. But this isn’t a blog post about me, this is about ways you can do things for your mama self to feel more like the old you. You know, the girl you were before kids. 😉

So here are some easy and FREE ways to boost your confidence and ultimately start your mama care routine that will make you feel alive and amazing!

    Shower: it’s amazing what a simple thing like showering, and if you’re feeling extra generous to yourself shaving your legs, can do to your spirits. Try it and report back here. Would you rather be stinky and grimey or clean and sweet smelling?
    Get ready for your day, even if you have no where to go. This one has brought me back to life. I would lounge in my pjs all day if I didn’t have work or errands to run and I realized I wasted those days more than when I got myself dressed and ready. Also, it doesn’t hurt if an unexpected visitor shows up at your door and you have clothes other than your flannel pants and sweatshirt on. Trust me 👌
    Makeup: if you can squeeze in 5 minutes to put on some mascara and blush or do your full face you will feel great! This will complete your put together, “I’m a mom and I’m in control” look. If nothing else you might get some side eye from the 20 something grocery clerk which will definitely boost your self confidence.
    Manicure/pedicure: if you’re like me you don’t go get manis and pedis often. It’s not in our budget right now, although I would love to. Every girl has nail polish so why not break it out, set a day and time to “get your nails done” and pamper yourself? If you’re not good at painting your own nails ask a friend. You can chat and hang out while she make your fingers sparkle and shine.
    Clothes: don’t have the budget to buy new clothes? No worries just go shopping in your closet. I have started making as many different outfit combos to spice up my daily wardrobe.

Listen when I tell you, my actual closet space is small compared to my husband’s side but I make do with what I have by being creative with my outfit ideas and throwing in a shirt I haven’t worn in a while with my favorite sweater and jeans, or wearing a dress when I normally don’t. And don’t forget about your shoes! Don’t throw out or give away a pair of shoes just yet. See how many different pairs of shoes, you already own, you can wear in a week. It’s like a fun game! It’s fun to go shopping but it’s not fun going into to debt for it so use what you have and have fun mixing matching the pieces you already own.

For any number of these items I will either wake up earlier than my family or do them during nap time. Showers I try to do the night before so I don’t have to waste precious daylight with washing and drying my hair. Can I get an amen?

I hope you can take something away from my mama care ideas. Whatever you decide to do for yourself just make sure it brings a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. You are worth the extra love and effort, mama. It may take you a while to see that but understand that I believe it for you.

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