Back to School Routine

School is back in full swing. If you read my last post then you know how I feel about the new school year. Needless to say I’m a little bummed summer break is over πŸ™ But on the up side schedules and routines are back in full force!! Yippee!!!

I absolutely love being on a schedule!! I know when my daughter will take a nap, when lunchtime will be, when to drop the kids off and when to pick them up and then all of my in between things fit nicely in there too and have a time and a place in this amazing schedule.

When there is a reason for me to be on a schedule, I.e. school, practices and/or dance lessons, I’m much better at staying on my schedule. If I let it slip, even for one day, it’s game over, finito! My day is up in the air, I’m a chicken with my head cut off running from one thing to the next, non of which gets finished.

This particularly happens if I haven’t made my daily To Do List. I am a pen and paper person, through and through. I have to write things down in order to remember them. I’m such a visual person, I really need those reminders because my brain is so clogged with other things I will literally forget to get a kid or walk my dog πŸ˜† Do I have any list makers in the house?

My To Do List is one of the main parts of my schedule. It tells me what needs to get done for the day or week. And there’s nothing as satisfying as crossing off items on the To Do List. Another part of my schedule is blocking off time for certain priorities. For example- my morning is blocked off for my me time, getting the kids ready for school and getting myself ready for the day; mid morning is errand/appointments/play dates and lunch time; afternoons are nap time 😴, walking the dog, getting schoolwork done and, if there’s time, writing some blog posts.

It’s been really helpful since I switched to doing this. The genius behind the block scheduling is Jordan Page from FunCheaporFree. I’ve mentioned this website before and that’s because Jordan has great tips and tricks to help mama’s, and people in general, get through their days.

I also swear by my planner. It keeps me even more organized by day, week and month!!! You might be thinking this is A LOT, and it is to some, but if I don’t have all these reminders I’ll be who knows where doing who knows what because I’m a very easily distracted person. Plus, any reason to use pretty, fun stickers is always a win!! ☺️

What kind of scheduling keeps you on track during the school year? I’m always looking to change up my routine if it means me being more efficient and productive.



2 thoughts on “Back to School Routine

  1. Oh my gosh, I love things like lists and planners so much. Unfortunately, I haven’t found one that really works consistently for me yet. I *have* liked using a weekly layout with important to-dos that can’t be forgotten (I used to carry one around in my back pocket all the time!) but I have gotten away from that for some reason. Planning really does help us focus and I should start again. Thanks for the motivation!

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