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Summertime Fun Series-Splash Pads

Hi friends!  It’s been a minute since I’ve posted.  I’ve been working on being PRESENT and an EXAMPLE for my children which has led to more time with them and less time on here.  It’s been great connecting with them and just enjoying each other’s company.  Do you ever have to remind yourself to be PRESENT and an EXAMPLE for your children?  I literally write it down, every week, in my planner so I see the reminder that ultimately triggers my brain to rethink how I’m behaving.  If I don’t give myself reminders I’m done for!  But that is a post for another day 🙂


Today I’m continuing my Summertime Fun Series (that are cheap, easy and fun) with splash pads!!  Yay!!  Kids love water, it’s just a fact.  You can ask anyone and they will agree. What’s even better than water is water that shoots up out of the ground at sporadic, undetermined times.  Kids love this stuff.  It might just be better than candy. Hahaha who am I kidding?  Nothing is better than candy, but this comes in as a close second.

In Loudoun County we have a couple of splash pads.  They aren’t fancy or elaborate but they do the trick.  My kids (ages 9, 6 and 2) can spends a good couple of hours running back and forth through the water.  Plus, one of our splash pads has a little playground next to it.  This adds some variety and extra fun.  And who doesn’t like extra fun that eventually leads to worn out children and naps?! Everybody who has kids LOVES this!!!

There are some more elaborate splash pads that might have entry fees associated with them but for the most part they are free and can be found in shopping centers.  This is where it can get tricky.  If you are trying to keep your playdate completely free then you will want to pack snacks, drinks and some sweet treats to keep your kids at bay.  The splash pad we went to on this particular day happens to have a Rita’s Italian Ice shop right next to it.  And of course there are no public bathrooms in them.  And who would happen to need to go to the bathroom while we were there?  My 6 year old daughter, that’s who.  So I succumbed to the cold treat so she wouldn’t have an accident.

In hindsight, it really wasn’t that much money.  I made her share with her little sister and luckily, her big brother was at a friend’s house, otherwise I could’ve blown my week’s budget of “extra spending” on some ice cream.  No body wants that, trust me.  It was a win-win; she got to go to the bathroom and save herself from embarrassment and also got a little treat to cool her down.  But seriously, you might want to drive by your splash pad and see what stores are near it, just to prepare yourself for the possible incessant crying and whining about a certain treat.  Also, check to see if there are public bathrooms nearby or locate the nearest public bathroom, in case of an emergency.

We’ve been rotating through all of our summertime activities.  I’m running out of places to go and things to do.  Luckily, school will be starting in the next couple of weeks here.  So with that being said, please, tell me if you have some fun, inexpensive activities you love to do with your kiddos.  I’m always up for suggestions just to get me through the end of the summer 😉

Hope you all are enjoying this time with your little ones and getting the most out your days with them.

Until next time friends,



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