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Rosie turns ONE!!

Happy birthday to you                                                                                                                          Happy birthday to you                                                                                                                          Happy birthday dear Rosie                                                                                                                  Happy birthday to you!!


Our sweet pup Rosie turns one today!  I never thought I’d be one of those people who got excited about their dog’s birthday (or remember it, for that matter) but here I am singing it from the rooftops that my sweet, hyper and lovable pooch is having her first birthday.  Although we’ve only had her for the last 10 months, it definitely feels like a year.

When we first decided to get a puppy I had no clue what we were in for. We were told that she was the most active of her siblings (of course, she was!  I totally needed another hyper being in my house).  She stood out because her back paws had a little bit of white on her toes and she had the sweetest face.

She truly has been a great addition to our family, even though I was against getting her 😦  I may yell, shake my fists and grumble at her but I couldn’t imagine our lives and our home without her.  She’s a Jewell now, whether she likes it or not. 🙂





Here’s to many more years of Rosie girl!!


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