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Summertime Fun Series-Kids Camps

HAPPY SATURDAY!!  Summer is flying by so fast!  I know I say this every year but, man, it feels especially fast this year.  Is anyone else trying to get the last bits of fun and summertime activities out of their system?  We definitely are doing all the things!!

This week is all about summer camps for the kids.  This can get pricey, if you let it.  But the main goal is that your kids have fun and you get your money’s worth out of the camp you choose.  Typically, I sign my kids up for a one week camp of their choice.  I try to do it at the beginning of the summer, just because we’ve always taken our vacation towards the end of the summer, but this year I’m doing a last hurrah! camp, if you will. Since we took our vacation early this year, it only makes sense to do camps later; just to make the most out of our summer and not pack everything into the same week or month.

So my son, Colby, is not necessarily what you call the athletic type.  He would rather play video games with his friends or make YouTube videos with his dinosaurs than play a physical, contact sport.  We like to keep our kids active in some kind of sport each season and Colby always comes back to soccer.  Don’t ask me why, he just really likes it (even though he doesn’t like running).  I work at part time at a recreation center that offers children’s classes and camps over the summer so I typically sign them up through my center.  I got him ready to go in a week long soccer camp that is 3 hours long. It cost us $125, which breaks down to $25 per class.  When you think about it, $25 for a 3 hour class isn’t that bad of a price.

Rory, on the other hand, is more of my creative one.  She likes dance and gymnastics so I got her signed up for a gymnastics camp.  She is definitely my more athletic child, out of the two older kids. She would really do anything I signed her up for but since I’m nice I let her choose 🙂  Her camp is also a week long but for her age group it only meets for an hour and 15 minutes each day.  Her camp cost $70 and the daily break down is $14, which again isn’t a bad price.

You can literally find a summer camp for just about anything!!! The ones we’ve been involved with have always kept the kids moving and entertained. But you can literally go to just about any place (dance studios, gymnastics gyms, rec centers, local town and county departments) and find day or week long camps. I personally like the week long camps, just because the kids are staying busy longer. It kinda gives me a break ☺️ If you’re not looking for sports type of camps I have seen nature camps, coding camps, art camps and even LEGO camps out there. Whatever your child is in to you can find a camp for it. All it takes is a little research.

If you’re trying to find the best bang for your buck, when it comes to summer camps, you will definitely want to shop around.  Most county or town parks and recreation departments will offer some type of summer camp or even classes year round.  I’ve found that these generally have the best prices, for what you get. The YMCA is also a great place to look. Since we’re getting closer to the end of summer, some places might even be lowering their prices, maybe to try and fill spots or just to get people into their business.Just make sure to go to the actual website and not to take Google’s word for everything. 

Either way, it can be to your benefit if your losing steam trying to do things with your kids or keep them entertained, sign them up for a camp to get them out of the house.  But most importantly, let someone else do the planning and the activities while you either spend one-on-one time with another child or last minute school errands 😉

If you’re enjoying my Summertime Fun Series, I have a couple more posts coming your way, 🙂 but what I’d really love to know is if you’d like to see this series come back for the fall?  Let me know in the comments section please. 

If you’d like to see what we’re doing on a daily basis feel free to follow along on our crazy journey over on Instagram @jewellpartyof5.

Thanks for reading friends!


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