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Decluttering and Getting Organized

Hi there!! School is back in session for my kiddos and ME so that means some time in between my posts, unfortunately. I do love writing in this space. It helps me get things off my chest and out of my brain. ๐Ÿ™‚ So thank you for letting me be here to do that.

I’m sure many, if not, all of you have either heard of or seen Marie Kondo’s Netflix show Tidying Up. It is pretty interesting to watch these families turn, not just their homes but, their lives around all from decluttering and examining each item they own to see if it sparks joy with them.

After watching the first episode I just knew that this lifestyle change, because let’s be honest changing the way you view your belongings, fold your clothes and getting rid of a lot of things is a complete lifestyle change, was the next step to my year of self love, growth and care.

If you’re not familiar with this show, Marie has her clients hold articles of clothing to see if they bring them joy, if not you thank it for their service to you and put it in a donation pile. You do this with all areas of your home, including the garage.

I’ve been looking at my clothes differently, as funny as that sounds. It’s like I’m talking about a person whose attitude has changed and I’m looking at them with a new perspective. But once you start looking at your home treasures through a different lense, a grateful lense, then it’ll be amazing at what you realize you really value and what means the most to you, and what doesn’t.

I have donated bags and bags of clothes, mine and my children’s. I’ve donated household items that I just had because but never made me happy.

My house isn’t finished. I’m sure I still have a long way to go, but I got started with making, what I think are healthy changes that I want to continue from here on out, and sometimes that alone, getting started, is the hardest part. Once you take those first steps towards a life you want to live and not be bogged down with “stuff” it is amazing at how much lighter you feel.

I know they are just things but the more things you have the more things you have to keep track of, clean, put away, move out of the way and so on.

I challenge you to watch the first episode and see if you’re not inspired to take something away from it and put it into place in your own life. I’m telling you, it’ll be hard to fight those urges. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy decluttering and organizing, friends!


P.S. if you want to follow along on my decluttering journey I’ve been posting a lot on my IG account, @jewellpartyof5

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