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Transforming Furniture Around the House Part 1

I have always been, somewhat of, a crafty person.  So naturally I am drawn to anything that expresses myself in an artistic way.  One of my new found crafty loves is re-purposing wood pieces; whether that be painting a wood table, turning a tv stand into my daughter’s dress up armoir or painting the vanities in all of the bathrooms in my house! I find great joy and relaxation when that paint brush and roller are in my hands and I’m transforming these pieces into something completely new and different.

I have many more projects lined up.  Most of which are in my house. 🙂  When we bought our home, back in March, I knew there would be a lot of projects and now that I’m getting around to some of them I’m having more fun with our renovation.  The kitchen renovation was more of my husband’s thing, painting and updating stair rails and banisters, vanities, doors and free standing furniture is more of my kind of thing.  I almost feel like it’s my second calling, that and professionally eating baked goods.  I can do that really well, too. Hahaha!

So here’s a little of what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.  I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, social media and, of course, Joanna Gaines.  My husband doesn’t like me saying it but she is my spirit animal. 😉  I like to try and put my own spin on the pieces I do, making them completely unique and not uniform to everything else that is out there.  That can be hard sometimes but I do my best not to completely copy anyone else.

(The floors are being replaced so I wasn’t super careful with not spilling or dripping, as you can see)

This is our main level powder room. Everything else had been finished, for the most part, in here. All I needed to do was update the vanity so it flowed with the rest of the bathroom. It definitely perks up the space and gives it a nice pop. I just need some hardware and it’s done.

(Don’t mind the mess. It’s my kid’s bathroom 😬)

I painted my kid’s vanity the same color and plan on painting the master bath vanity this color too. We plan on replacing our vanity in a couple of years so until then I’d rather look at it painted then not 😊

I have more up my sleeve to share so until then have a Happy Holidays and New Year!!



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