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Finding Peace in Chaos

I don’t know if it’s just the time of year, holidays and the stress of buying and being everywhere, or if it’s just me but I’ve been feeling SO overwhelmed with chaos.  Between finishing up my online classes, trying to get through ALL the holidays and not completely blow my budget and then keeping up with school parties, get-togethers and everything in between I have completely let chaos in and have felt such a sinking feeling.  You know that feeling like you’re sinking further and further down a giant pit and there can’t possibly be anyway of getting out of it.

I can honestly say, I have felt defeated, I have cried out of frustration and have wanted to give up more within the last 4 months than I can ever remember.  The one thing that has helped me the most through all of my season of crazy is God.I’m not trying to sound cliche, because I was never one to talk about God and church much.  Since having returned to church this year I have felt such a sense of comfort, peace and calm over me and I’m trying to trickle that feeling over my family, too.

In a house full of yelling, screaming and just really loud kids and a dog it is easy to get wrapped up in the moment.  I have been setting aside time every morning to read my devotional, that a good friend gave me, listen to motivational podcasts and fill up my diffuser to set an environment of calm and peace.

I have also turned to essential oils. There is a magical blend I use for stress called Stress Away by Young Living. A couple of whiffs and I’m more balanced. It has lavender, lime, vanilla and a few other essential oils but I’m telling you it’s powerful and oh so magical. I diffuse it in my house and will also put a drop on my wrists and chest. Don’t knock it till you try it 😉

Having something to turn to in a time of stress, sadness, frustration, or even happiness is so crucial for all human beings to have. It can either save your sanity or break it. Some people turn to God, others turn to friends, meditation, essential oils or pretty much anything that soothes the soul.  It has taken me years to have finally found the thing that calms me.  Whatever it is that helps you do it.  If you don’t have something yet but feel that calling to find it, go out and see what works for you.

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