I Broke Up with Target

You read that right. You are not going crazy, I did break up with Target. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was one I needed to make in order to not go completely broke or have my husband leave me. 😬 Here’s why I did it:

If you’re like me, you go into any grocery store or non grocery store with a plan or list of things you need. I personally LOVE a list so I alway have one in hand when I go to any store. You go up and down the aisles looking for your listed items, an occasional extra item might end up in your cart, but nothing crazy. Does this sound familiar?

So I was finding that whenever I went to Target, even with my list in hand, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS left with much more than what was on my list. I always needed some new mascara or lip gloss, the cute holiday decorations or kid’s stuff in the Spot area always did me in. Then there’s the ever so cute home decor and Magnolia Home area that Joanna Gaines always has just ready to lure me over to. It never fails that it’s beckoning me, “Andrea, you need this apron and wreath. Joanna says so.” I can’t say no to Joanna!

I was spending more money then I had to spend. Not only was I blowing my budget but I was buying things I really didn’t need. I remember one time I went into Target on my break from work and bought sheets. I didn’t need the sheets and had horrible buyers guilt so I immediately turned myself around, before ever making it to my car, and returned those sheets. The guy behind the counter asked me why I was returning them and I was honest, I told him they were an impulse buy and I didn’t need them. He did make it a point to call me out on the fact that I literally had just bought them, like 5 minutes ago! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I was putting myself into so much debt just to buy things. They did make me happy, at the time, but that happiness wore off until I found the next thing to buy. They also didn’t make my husband happy. It never failed that when I knew I had bought something we didn’t need I would either a.) hide it from him or b.) write it off that it didn’t cost that much. It’s horrible but true. 😳

Then there was a news report on, a couple of days ago, and it was about Target and how they purposely set up their store to get you to buy more!!! I was nodding the whole time I watched it. I wasn’t shocked one bit.

I’ve learned a lot since then. You see I’ve been broken up with Target for a while now. Spending a lot of time away from Target has actually helped me learn how to control my spending. I will go in to Target every once in a while to grab something I know I can’t find anywhere else or if my kids have allowance money and ask to go. I can proudly say that I leave the store with those few items I initially walked in there for.

For me, spending money/ shopping has been my therapy. When I had a bad day in college I would head to Target or a store and buy myself something to cheer me up. Shopping makes me happy. There has to be a happy medium though and I learned it the hard way.

Nothing is worth going into debt for. You don’t NEED to keep up with the Jones’s. That’s an impossible idea to live up to. But if you’re like me and shopping makes you happy but you don’t have all the money to be spending then maybe it’s time you started a budget where you can fit in a little spending here and there. You will have to decide what you really want now and what you can wait for. Think of your wallet when you’re about to make an impulse buy or ask yourself, “Will my husband be ok with this?” If your wallet cries or the answer from your brain husband is no than it’s something you don’t absolutely need at that moment.

I’ve made October a no spend month, besides necessities, no other spending. I want to dare you to try to take a week off of buying. If you normally get Starbucks try making coffee at home instead or if you go to lunch with a friend every week instead make her lunch at your house. You’ll feel soo good after your week of no spending because you’ve saved so much!

Good luck and I believe in you,


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