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New School Means New Everything

We are back at it again.  School has officially begun! It always brings a sense of relief.  Relief of getting back into a routine, relief that my kids will get to see their friends everyday and relief that they are in a nurturing, educational environment.  Since our move I haven’t felt that sense of relief leading up to the school year.  Everyone I talked to had nothing but great things to say about the school the kid’s are going to but I still was uneasy.  What if Rory’s teacher isn’t as caring and gentle as her preschool teacher was?  What if Colby has a hard time with how his teacher teaches, communicates and explains things?  What if they don’t make friends?  All of these questions and more have been racing through my head.  I know what the answer is to them but I still have this fear that because it’s a new place, with new people everywhere and things are done differently that someone is going to suffer because of it.

I’ve been feeling this way pretty much since we moved and then last week we went to their new school.  We had gotten a sweet welcome e-mail from Colby’s teacher, sent to everyone, and I thanked her for it and let her know it was our first year.  She went ahead and invited us to visit his new classroom and meet her before Open House, when all the kids would be there.  I instantly thought,”Wow!  This woman is busy getting her classroom ready for the first day and she’s going to take time out of her busy schedule to let us come say hi.  That is so sweet and thoughtful of her.”

I couldn’t get over how above and beyond she seemed to be going just to make sure he felt at ease with everything.  That definitely subsided my anxious mama heart.  Another thing that made me even more okay with our new school was a sweet, familiar face of a former co-worker of mine from when I was a teacher’s assistant.  When I saw her smiling face in those hallways I instantly knew that she would not be here if this school wasn’t amazing.  She raved about Rory’s kindergarten teacher and Colby’s teacher.

Seeing her there, I knew it was a sign that this is where we were supposed to be.  In a loving, nurturing and fun school that is welcoming to everyone.  That is when I knew that my kids would have no problem finding and making new friends, feeling included by all and being able to get through any problems that they had because the teachers and staff there would be right there ready to help.

Now that their first day has come and gone and their nerves have been subdued, they are excited for their new school and new EVERYTHING.  It makes my heart so happy to know that my babies are in very good hands when they’re not in mine.

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