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Southern Charm and Character in Charleston, SC

We finally made it to our beach vacation in Edisto Beach, SC. I had been looking forward to this vacation for a REALLY LONG TIME. I could tell my body was craving and thirsting for some vitamin D and just relaxation. I mean, I am pretty pale so some sun couldn’t hurt. Hahaha

Besides going to the beach and eating seafood everyday, my favorite part of our trip was taking a little break from the beach to explore Charleston. My parents stayed back with the baby so the older kiddos, Pat and I got to have our very own field trip.

I had never been before, but I have been intrigued by the south and all of its charm, architecture and history since I was in middle school. Plus, I always wanted to have a southern twang, which I have perfected over the years. 😂

Anyway, enough about my hopes and dreams as an awkward adolescence 😆 Here are some of my favorite photos I snapped while walking around this incredibly beautiful city.

I couldn’t get over all of the detail and charm EVERYTHING had, and I do mean everything.

Rainbow Row was my absolute favorite! I love bright colors and of course all of the houses were fun, bright colors of the rainbow.

Battery Park had tons of history. The kids got a kick out of all of the canons and canon balls.

My little Boo Boo got all tuckered out. 🤣 Some tips, I figured out the hard way, for long day trips with kids: bring a backpack with plenty of water. It was so hot and humid and we were working up a sweat within minutes of getting off the shuttle bus, needless to say we did not come well equipped. Also, snacks! Adults can easily mask their hunger when they are engulfed in something that interests them, kids not so much. 🤣 One last tip would be to just enjoy your time with your kids. Experiencing new places and things together is such a magical thing. It only happens once and then it’s not new anymore. Treasure those new moments.

Back to Charleston, I could’ve spent another week exploring Charleston further. I felt such a connection to this city. Now I’m itching to go to Savanna, which looks like it wouldn’t disappoint.

Have you been to Charleston? What were your favorite places to go/do? We definitely have a list of places to visit when we go back next summer. Till then, I’ll be dreaming of giant porches, rocking chairs and sweet tea.

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