Summertime Slump

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling a bit of a slump now that summer is halfway over?  Maybe it’s because I have yet to take a vacation, since we have been working hard on our fixer upper, or maybe it’s just because it hasn’t felt like summer to me yet. 😦  I work part time, outside of my home, and this summer I’ve been working more than usual.  It’s kind of putting a damper on summer plans.

We’ve had a lot of change recently so there is a lot of things that are very different this summer compared to summer’s past.  For one thing, we live in a new house, in a new neighborhood. That’s a huge change for all of us, not just the kids. Second, we don’t have a community pool to walk to everyday, anymore. (This has been the hardest adjustment for the kids and I.  We lived at the pool in our old neighborhood 😦 )  Having to pay for a pool pass seems crazy to me, but that’s just what we’ll have to do, probably next summer when money isn’t as tight.  Lastly, I’ve been working crazy time and I feel like my kids aren’t getting the full summer experience, even though, deep down, I know that’s a load of patooey.

As a mom, I compare myself to other moms and even myself and how I did things in previous years.  I’m not feeling adequate, this summer.  I see all these awesome moms out there having an amazing summer with their kids, going places, experiencing news things together and just living it up and I’m over here thinking, “why can’t I be like that too?  Oh wait, I have work tomorrow,” or “I’ve been working all of these days and now I have a day off and all I see is a messy house that needs to be cleaned.” Arghh!  Now that my kids are getting older I want to be around more to experience things with them, instead of hearing about it from my mom.  Can anyone else relate?  I’d love to know how other moms out there handle “doing it all” and keep their sanity. hahaha

I’ve had to learn to step away from whatever it is that I’m doing to play balloon toss with my 5 year old or take everyone on a walk outside.  In the end, all that matters is that me kids are happy and healthy, because no one can really do it all.  There’s only so much planning and prepping one mom can do for any amount of children.  We will take spontaneous trips to the splash pads, have treasure hunts in the house and just play pretend to get us through the summer.  Good thing there’s Pinterest.  I can never fail as long as I have Pinterest to fall back on for ideas. 🙂

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