Rory Graduates from PreK

Rory, our middle child, recently graduated from preK, back in May.  It’s the same preschool her older brother went to and it’s the preschool her baby sister will go to.  It is an amazing school and community.  Everyone knows each other and Ms. T, the receptionist, knows every parent and child by name and greets you every time you see her.  She also has a candy stash for the kids. 😉 It’s just the most welcoming place for families and kids.

Rory on the first day of PreK

Rory had Ms. Meagan and Ms. Charity this year.  Ms. Meagan had subbed in Colby’s class, when his teacher was having some health problems and had to take a leave of absence, so I was familiar with her and how great she was with the kiddos.  They both were amazing!! (I say that word a lot! hahaha  I like amazing and awesome.)

Ms. Meagan and Ms. Charity

Her year just flew by!  We made so many great friends, non of which will be going to her new school 😦 , but at least we have a reason to stay in touch.  Not only were the kids great, the moms and dads were great too!  We were a happy,  little family.

Flash forward to May and graduation day.  Rory was a calm but excited little girl.  She picked out the dress she was going to wear and I put some makeup on her, since it was a special occasion.  She was ready!

I didn’t cry.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle my oldest daughter moving on from a place that has been her second home for 2 years.  I usually am an emotional wreck, ugly crying, mainly because I’m trying not to cry so I look like I have a bug in my eye and I need to sneeze all at the same time.  Just picture a very contorted face with tears streaming down it and that’s me. hahaha

Rory had her cute little cap and tassel on and received her very own graduation certificate from Ms. Meagan.  She was moving too quickly so my camera only got a fuzzy picture of her walking up there. 😦


Afterwards, there were cookies and lemonade for everyone.  Rory showed us the cute little garden that the school had been planting and taking care of.  And then the kids ran to the playground.  It was the last day that they would all be together on the playground, having fun, laughing and chasing each other around.

Lucky for us, we live in a small community so we bump into friends often but we will miss seeing everyone’s sweet faces on a regular basis.

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