Heart of the Home…or is it the Stomach?

When we bought our home we knew there was going to be a lot of updates required.  Not just required but needed, and needed fast.  The house is 20 years old and we bought it from the original owners, who never updated a single thing. 😦  It was a bummer but at least we got to choose what went into our home and customize it to our liking.  It was just going to take some time, (I’m very impatient by nature) so I had to prepare myself.

First up on our list of projects was the kitchen! It was a hot mess of 1997. I was 13 in 1997, it was a great year, but I was not feeling going back in time with wallpaper everywhere and that late 90’s decor and that awful florescent lighting!

Do you see that paint color and the fruit wallpaper?

The very first thing we did in the kitchen was take down the wallpaper and paint.  What a difference paint makes.  It’s such an inexpensive way to give a room, or your whole house, a completely different look and feel.  We went with Behr Silver Polish which we’re using for the entire main living area.  It brightens up the whole house, which is crazy because there are so many windows you would think it would be light and bright already but that orange was not helping at all.  It has changed the look and feel of the kitchen.

Next up were the cabinets.  I had originally intended on painting the cabinets white, not realizing how cheap of cabinets they were until Pat told me.  Lucky for me, Pat found some extra money in our renovation budget to buy new cabinets!!  Yay for us!!  We went with Cabinets To Go, Malibu shaker style cabinets.   The only catch was the price did not include assembly, installation or shipping.  But, Pat being the handy man that he is, along with my dad, were able to assemble AND install the cabinets on their own.  To cut costs, shipping would have added a couple hundred dollars to our total, Pat had them delivered to the nearest warehouse, for free, in Maryland and borrowed his brother’s trailer and picked them up himself, saving us a lot of money.  They were running a crazy good sale, at the time, and the price already was great, so that was how we could swing brand new cabinets.  Handy husband = happy wife 🙂


Our dining room doubled as the stand by room for all of the boxed up cabinets.  Pat started on the uppers and then moved to the lower cabinets and drawers.  See how that paint just changes everything.  So bright, right?

Once we got all of the cabinets installed (see the middle photo, one drawer front is still not installed 🙂 ) we got to move to the fun stuff…………..countertops and backsplash!!!  Yippeee!!  I, of course, was drawn to the pretty AND expensive marble, which I was quickly told to turn around and walk away from. hahaha  But we found a granite that was on sale and was in the color scheme we wanted.  And now that it’s installed and I can see the finished product I’m glad we went with it.  Even though that marble would have looked amazing! 😉


I love how it has flecks of maroon and gold throughout it ❤

We saved the finishing touches for last: backsplash and pulls.  I had showed Pat examples of styles of backsplashes I liked.  He liked the lantern style and I really, really loved the herringbone pattern.  He came home with a lantern tile sample and a chevron tile sample.  I was a little disappointed but I got over it because the chevron was nice.  We hired a tiling professional to install the backsplash, even though I thought we could do it ourselves.  My dad quickly nixed that idea and told Pat to hire a professional, so we listened. 🙂  Dad’s always know best.

Anyway,  we ended up going with the chevron tile, even though I told Pat the lantern would be fine, since I knew he really liked it.  Well, Blair, the tiling man, pretty much told Pat that the lantern style was used in bathrooms, not kitchens.  I was secretly cheering inside. hahaha  So I kinda got what I wanted…….again.


Our final, final finishing touches were the pulls and the outlet plates.  They match our new appliances, we are going with the slate finish on the appliances, so far we have the fridge and microwave updated.  It is finger print resistant, which is a must with little kids.  I can’t stand seeing little grubby finger prints all over the fridge. We are half way there, just have the dishwasher and oven to replace.


We still have the crown molding to install on top of the cabinets and the new hardwood floors, but our kitchen is pretty much done!!!  It’s so crazy to wake up and walk into this beautiful kitchen that I got to design.  I’ve never had such a pretty kitchen.  It probably sounds silly but I feel like an actual adult!!  I also feel like I’ve won the lottery because I would have never imagined that we would have been able to make this a reality, but we found ways to save money and cut costs, so our dreams have become a reality. 🙂

This is just the start of our house renovations.  Stay tuned for kitchen updates, once the whole shibang is done, as well as, posts about the rest of our house painting, floor and crown molding installation and the upstairs updates.

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