My Birthday and How It Didn’t Go as I Had Planned

I recently turned 34, at the end of June.  Not that I had grand plans or anything but I definitely had some ideas of what I wanted to do with the kids that day.  I had work in the morning, like 4:30am-10am morning.  Better to get it over and done with so I have the rest of my day to do whatever.  Colby had Pokemon camp that week so Pat dropped him off there and brought the girls to the child care at the rec center, where I work.

We went home, I showered, and Rory helped me to get a picnic lunch packed for us, after we picked up Colby from camp.  I needed to drop my car off for the safety inspection, since it was going to expire at the end of June, and I figured we could eat our picnic lunch at the community park across the street from the mechanic shop in Round Hill.  It all seemed fine in my mind but my kids had other plans. 😦

Once we got Colby and were in the car I told him what the plan was.  He immediately told me that he was tired and he didn’t want to do a picnic and that he also couldn’t leave something that he made at camp in the car for that long, he wanted to drop it off at home.

I was hungry, which means I was becoming hangry, and I was a little irritated that he wasn’t on board with our plans.  I told them we would drive by the shop to see how busy it was and make a decision from there.  Driving from camp to the mechanics takes all of 5 minutes.  During that time I unleashed the motherload of tantrums on my children.  After Colby whining that he didn’t want to do a picnic, Rory and him started arguing with each other and just bickering back and forth across Georgia.

Since I was in the hangry state, that I was in, I lost it!  I threw an “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To” fit.  I was full on yelling at my kids because they couldn’t find it in them to behave and do what mommy wanted to do on her birthday.  Looking back at this moment, I have the biggest mom guilt that I think I have ever felt.  How selfish was I?  Yes, it was my birthday but I’m also an adult and they are only children. 😦

We went directly home and ate our picnic lunch in silence, at the table.Colby apologized to me, which made me feel even worse, and he made a comment that whenever there are plans to do something fun they are always canceled because of him.  My mama heart broke when he said this and I started to cry.  I tried explaining that it wasn’t just his fault, that him and his sister arguing had led me to get so mad.  He wasn’t very hungry so he went up to his room.

I took this time to eat and to calm down and think about things.  I let the kids simmer down too.  I called everyone into my room to have a little pow wow on my bed.  I suggested that we have a do over of the day.  Start fresh and try to have some fun.  Rory and Georgia were hyped and ready to get out of the house, Colby on the other hand was still a little mopey.  He’s my sensitive boy.  He needs extra time to recoop from things.  I gave him some time to think about it.  I asked him, “Do you think you’re up for going out and trying to have some fun.  Be honest with me.  You won’t hurt my feelings if your answer is no.”  He took a minute to think about it and in his weebly voice said he would try to go have fun.

So, we packed up and drove into Leesburg to get my car inspected and to stroll around.  Our do over was a success! There was no wait to drop my car off so that was good.  Our first stop was to get mama her birthday coffee then from there I promised the kids cookies but we came upon a place with ice cream first so obviously they chose ice cream.  We sat and rested for a bit and then strolled over to the courthouse lawn to run and play.

Downtown Leesburg is so cute with the brick sidewalks and old buildings.  We found neat alleyways to pose in. hahaha
The Loudoun County Courthouse is where Pat I got married at.  It’s the brick building in the pictures above. It was fun taking the kids there and letting them run around the grass and look at the different statues.
The building with the flags out front used to be a bank.  It is an incredible building inside.  The architecture is phenomenal.  It is currently a very delicious restaurant called Lightfoot.  Highly recommend it if you are in the Leesburg, VA area. 😉

The first half of the day did not go as planned.  That was a good reminder, that I often tell my kids, “you don’t always get what you want” or better yet, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”  I acted in such a horrible way and felt soo bad about it.  Sometimes, hanger gets the best of us and sometimes you just want everyone to want to do what you want because it’s your birthday.  Either way, it was a good lesson of letting things go, that I have no control over, and using some patience and grace with my children and learning to know when I’m wrong and apologize, which I did numerous times that day.  Did I mention how incredibly horrible I felt after all of this?  Because I really did feel horrible about the way I acted. Lesson learned!


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