Our “New” House

It feels like an eternity that we’ve been on this house hunting journey.  In reality it had only been a little over a year; which to me was an eternity.  The first house (The Philomont House) we put an offer on, in the spring of 2017, we had been eyeing since the fall of 2016. It was a foreclosure, that had been vacant for 2 years.  It needed a lot of TLC and septic repairs.  There ended up being a WHOLE lot more going on with the property than we originally were aware of, unfortunately.  We fought for this house for 9-10 months.  In the end, The Philomont House was not meant to be.  Pat had pretty much made it up in his mind that that was his dream house.  It was going to be very tough to top that house, because I too had started to fall in love with the idea of living there.

We decided to take a break from house hunting for awhile, even though I was always looking on Zillow to see what was new and had signed up for their notifications when something in our price range would come available. There were a lot of houses near our old neighborhood that would come up but something was never right about them.  Either the layout was weird or there wasn’t enough square footage or there weren’t enough bedrooms.  See, we were living in a 3 bedroom townhouse with 3 small children and one large master bedroom and 2 small bedrooms.  No front or back yards and lots and lots of stairs!!  It was not working for us anymore.

Our townhouse.  Big enough for all of us but not enough bedrooms for all of us 😦

When we decided to actively look again it was fall of 2017.  We found a couple of homes that met our requirements in a neighboring town called Round Hill.  I had, for the most part, been against moving to Round Hill because I thought it was so far away from everything.  There wasn’t much going on there as far as grocery stores, convenience stores or just stores in general!  But when we went to look at the first house I fell in love!  The houses in Round Hill were in our price range and they had more to offer than the houses in Purcellville did.  I was sold!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy.  Our house hunting journey does not end there. 😦  We put an offer on that first house, they were eager sellers and the price was beyond right.  For whatever reason, they decided not to go with our full price offer!! Ugh!  I found another house with the same floor plan, and then a couple other houses with similar floor plans but were a little better.  Non of those offers worked out.  I was getting very frustrated and felt like we were going to go through the whole Philomont House fiasco again.  And to some extent we did.

The house we got did not come easy.  We had to fight hard for it, but it was not a foreclosure, so that made it a tad bit easier.  We had looked at the same exact house in the neighborhood across the way from where we are now.  It was gorgeous!!  When this house came on my radar from Zillow I thought I was dreaming.  How could a house this beautiful be in our price range?  I showed Pat and we went to look at it that weekend.  The house had been completely updated.  Beautiful hardwood floors, updated kitchen with granite counter tops, white cabinets, subway tile back splash, built in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace, built in bench and coat rack in the entry way.  I wanted this house sooo bad!

It too was not meant to be but we found a house, with the same floor plan, that had not been touched since it was built 20 years ago.  We had a blank canvas to do what we wanted.  I wanted to recreate my dream home.  And that brings us to the present.  We are currently underway on our house renovations.  We moved in to our new home on March 21, 2018 and have quickly started making it feel like OUR home. (Our renovation story is for another post 😉 )

Our new home! It’s a work in progress but we love it!

Our neighbors are great!  The kids love that we have two yards for them to play in.  There is a playground across the street that the older ones can go to and the school is right up the road.  Even though it has been 3 months, it feels like we’ve been here for longer.  The community of Round Hill is so welcoming and I can’t believe I ever didn’t want to live here.

We traded in a blue door for a reddish brown door

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