Tiny Dancer

We started this dance journey back in February. Rory really wanted to do a dance recital with a costume. We found the Loudoun School of Ballet and jumped in to Creative Ballet. Rory is the oldest in her class but that didn’t phase her. She jumped in there ready to learn and always did everything her teacher asked her to do.



Rory on the first day of class

The studio has tvs set up in the lobby for the parents to watch so it was nice to be able to follow her growth and see what she was up to.  They would always start class with stretches and beginner barre work.  Rory would always be so excited to show me her moves and knowledge of the dance words, which I don’t always think she pronounced properly, but it was cute to listen to.

When she found out what the theme of her recital was going to be she was even more ready to get on that stage. The school’s spring recital was Alice in Wonderland themed.  Rory and her class were all going to be the White Rabbit, bunny ears and all.  They were, in my opinion, the cutest class up there on that stage.


They did such a great job, seeing how this was the first recital for most of them.  It was nice because they had one of the senior dancers up on stage too so the girls had someone to watch in case they forgot their moves.  As any dance recital of little girls goes, they were adorably cute and funny with all of the little “mistakes” here and there.  They only made the show that much better.

Pat had to leave right after her class went so we didn’t get a picture with him 😦

After her show, our little ballerina got a well deserved bouquet of roses from Grammy and Grampy and lots of photos with her family (Pat had to leave right after she danced to go ref lacrosse).  This day has gone down as one of her favorite days.  She got to dress up in a costume, put on makeup and be pampered by Mommy AND perform in front of people (all of her favorite things at the moment).

She is STILL showing me her newly learned ballet skills and can’t wait for the fall when she starts her tap/ballet combo class!!  She is way more excited about the tapping than she is about the ballet but at her next recital she will perform two dances!!  It makes this mama’s heart so happy to see her baby girl take interest in the same things that I love doing.  She’s a girl after her mama’s heart. ❤


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