Momming Ain’t Easy

For as long as I could remember, I have always wanted to be a mom.  I have always loved babies and I wanted a lot of my own. I remember distinctly telling my mom that I wanted 6 kids when I was older because I wanted a big, close knit family.  No one ever mentioned how hard it would be to raise that many kids.  Luckily, for my sanity and every one else’s, I have half that amount.

No matter how many kids you have, though, it doesn’t get easier.  You could have one child or ten and you could still feel like you’ll never win with keeping the house clean, making home cooked meals every night, having the perfect decor, staying ahead of the laundry or even as simple as showering on a daily basis.


Social media does not make it any easier for us mamas. We’re always comparing ourselves to other moms, comparing our homes to others, comparing our kids, comparing pretty much every aspect of our lives and it’s not fair to anyone.  Social media is just smoke and mirrors.  It all looks crisp and clean and perfect  on the outside but it doesn’t always look that way.  Every mama out there knows it is not possible to keep a house spotless with little ones running around.  There will always be crumbs on the couch, toys on the floor and dishes in the sink.

As a society of technology, we need to relearn how to let go of what we see and acknowledge that a.) that’s not reality 100% of any person’s life and b.) we don’t need to be just like those pretty pictures, we just need to be us.  Be original, be true to yourself and to your kids.  Our kids just want us to paint their nails, play tag or catch with them or even just sit and read stories.

My focus for this summer and hopefully for as long as I can keep it up, is to live in the moment.  I want to have fun with my kids while they still want to have fun with me.  I’m going to play in the pool with them and not worry if other moms are doing the same.  I’m going to swing with my daughter and go down the slide.  I’m going to laugh and play and enjoy myself while I’m enjoying my kids.

My new motto is, “To be a good parent you have to become a kid again.”  And it’s true!

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