Run, Colby, Run!

Colby is our little soccer superstar.  Out of all of the sports we’ve had him try, soccer is the one that has stuck.  He really enjoys everything about the sport.  He has always just taken classes or summer soccer camps at the recreation center I work at, and he’s been content with it.


Well, this past fall, after his summer camps were over, he told us that he wanted to play games now.  I was excited for him!  We got him signed up to play for the spring with our county soccer league.  He got two jerseys, shorts and soccer socks.  He wanted to wear his new uniform the minute he got it.  He couldn’t wait to start.

I signed him up before we moved so I was nervous I would have to drive him into Purcellville for practice twice a week.  Which isn’t really that far of a drive, it’s all of ten minutes, but when you have two other kids you have to tote around, also, it makes for a long night.  Luckily, he got assigned to a team in our new community of Round Hill.  Practices were all of a few minutes down the road, at the elementary school, and there is a playground, so the girls could play on nights I stayed and waited for Colby.

One of his teammates also happens to be our neighbor!!  It all worked out so perfectly for my big guy.  He’s my most sensitive child and I knew he would have a harder time dealing with making new friends so I was so ecstatic about an instant friend on his team and next door.  All of the other boys on his team will be at his new school, too, and they’re all in the same grade.



Colby wasn’t very big on the running part of soccer.  He was mainly the goalie or a defender, which he got better at throughout the season.  The team itself was pretty bad, hahaha.  All of us parents would laugh about it but the boys had fun and that’s all that matters.


I was at most of the games always cheering my guy on, yelling with my dad right beside me. 🙂  I’m pretty sure I get that gene from him. I managed to embarrass Pat because of my excessive cheering and yelling.  I’ll keep cheering my kids on, in whatever they do, until they tell me to stop.  Even then I’ll probably keep doing it.

Colby finished off the season strong and the league had a fun jamboree for the kids at their complex.  Colby got a medal and some new soccer swag for the fall.  He definitely wants to do it again.  I’m so happy that he found a sport he enjoys and loves.  Whether he’s the best at it or not.  He finds happiness out on the soccer field.  We will have to take him to some of the DC United games next season so he can watch the pros in action.

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